Moulin Roty

Moulin Roty

Once Upon a time… or in 1972 to be precise, happy group of friends gathered in Moulin Roty, a hamlet near Nantes, West of France. They shared a common life project combining work and community life. Their enthusiasm and resourcefulness led them to create craft furniture, lamps and jewelry.

By 1975, they created a small car in wood, foam and fabric, with round shapes. This will be the first mass-produced product. Quickly followed by comfort dolls and Loveys in soft colors and then available in various animal versions, contributing to the success and reputation of the brand.

There was no stopping these creative and bubbling minds which will give birth to many toys that have become emblematic: Mimi the mouse, the Big Family...

But also a whole range of decoration dedicated to the bedroom thanks to Moulin Roty's know-how in the field of screen printing and woodworking.

Yesterday's toys for today's children.

Toys of old and authentic inspiration brought up to date. From year to year, new little characters have come to enlarge the collection.

Each new collection begins with a story, a universe, and adventures.  This "Once upon a time" encourages our illustrators, designers and seamstresses to work on shapes, materials and volumes, to draw, assemble and sew our future heroes.

With a real concern for quality, but above all the will to please children, they bring to life the characters and collections that are so important to us. What they also secretly hope, is that they will then be passed on from generation to generation...

Moulin Roty's objective has always been to reconcile sweetness, fantasy and tenderness, while developing an irreproachable standard of quality.  These 50 years that are celebrated this year, have filled many generations of children’s dreams. We work every day to continue this great adventure...

Thank you to all the people who directly or indirectly have collaborated or collaborate in the adventure every day: to the shops with which we try to offer our customers the best service; to our clients, parents and grandparents, who trust us; to the children who give us the pleasure of offering us daily sweetness and enthusiasm; and to all the toys and characters of Moulin Roty without whom none of this would exist!